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For more than two decades, Nielsen Koch & Grannis has provided quality representation for clients on appeal following conviction for criminal offenses.  NKG clients receive the benefit of our attorneys' substantial experience in handling matters ranging from the most minor misdemeanor offenses to the most serious felonies. 


Collectively, NKG attorneys have handled over 4,500 appeals.  Many of our attorneys clerked for judges of the Washington Court of Appeals or Washington Supreme Court prior to joining NKG.  Shortly after NKG was founded, the Washington State Office of Public Defense awarded NKG a contract to represent indigent criminal appellants in the Washington courts of appeal.  We proudly continue in that role today and also represent private clients in the trial and appellate courts.  


NKG accepts referrals from trial counsel; or clients may retain us directly. We will litigate an appeal from the initial filing of the Notice of Appeal to its conclusion. We assess the merits of the appeal, advise the client, prepare all necessary briefs and motions, present oral argument, and seek further relief as necessary.  In short, we are a full service appeals firm ready to litigate every aspect of an appeal from start to finish.

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Criminal Law and Appeals

At Nielsen Koch & Grannis, we understand the emotional and financial burden that a family law case puts on a client. Whenever possible, we endeavor to save our client the anxiety and expense of litigation by working towards an advantageous settlement. If litigation is necessary, our attorneys have the experience, skill and dedication to present our client’s case in the way that maximizes the potential for the best possible outcome. We will fight for you and for your children.

K. Carolyn Ramamurti has over twenty years of experience practicing family law and almost thirty years of experience as a litigator.  In that time, she has handled hundreds of trials, motions and contested hearings.  Breck C. Tostevin has emphasized complex civil litigation in his practice for 28 years.  We offer NKG clients experienced representation in a multitude of practice areas, including:

  • Dissolutions of marriage, legal separations and Committed Intimate Relationship cases, including those which involve a parenting plan

  • Paternity cases, including establishment of a parenting plan and child support

  • Modifications of parenting plan and child support

  • Anti-harassment and protection order cases at both the trial and appellate court level

  • Pre-nuptual, ante-nuptual, cohabitation and community property agreements

  • Contempt and enforcement actions

  • Motions for ex parte or temporary orders

  • Domestic violence cases

  • Spousal support matters

  • Child relocations

  • Third party custody

  • Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act cases

For a free consultation to determine whether we can be of assistance in your family law matter, please contact K. Carolyn Ramamurti at or (206) 623-2373 to set up a meeting.        

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Family Law

Environmental law is a complicated and changing field of rules and regulations.  Environmental issues require careful legal analysis and practical insight.  Having up-to-date, sound advice is essential to making good decisions.  Understanding how all the various statutes and regulations fit together and knowing the different regulators and stakeholders is important to developing practical solutions to environmental compliance questions or in resolving environmental problems faced by companies or affected communities.

Breck Tostevin is an experienced environmental and natural resource law attorney with a broad background in state and federal environmental laws.  His practice areas include CERCLA and state mini-CERCLA oil and hazardous substance contaminated sites, oil spill contingency plan compliance, Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act compliance, solid and hazardous waste compliance, environmental insurance coverage, and administrative law.

Before joining Nielsen Koch & Grannis in August of 2017, he was a Senior Assistant Attorney General in the Alaska Attorney General’s Office in Anchorage.  From October 1989 until July 2017, he represented the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation in a variety of environmental matters.  These matters included oil spills from marine vessels and oil facilities, contaminated site cleanups, leaking underground storage tanks, natural resource damages, oil discharge prevention and contingency plans, and wreck removal actions.  He has also provided advice to agency staff and management on permitting and enforcement actions and has represented parties in administrative adjudicatory hearings challenging agency permit or approval actions.

For a free consultation to determine whether we can be of assistance in resolving your environmental law issue, please contact Breck Tostevin at or (206) 623-2373 to set up a meeting.

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Environmental and Land Use

For more than two decades, Nielsen Koch & Grannis has served as legal counsel for a Washington Indian tribe, litigating complex treaty issues in federal court.  In 2017, NKG successfully defended in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals a significant victory obtained for its client in a lawsuit involving competing tribal claims to fishing rights in Western Washington. See Makah Indian Tribe and United States of America v. Quileute Indian Tribe, Quinault Indian Tribe, et al., 873 F.3d 1157 (9th Cir. 2017). 

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Native American 
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