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Jennifer Dobson

Jennifer (she/her) first joined Nielsen Koch & Grannis in 2001. Prior to that, Jennifer served as a judicial clerk to Justice Charles Johnson of the Washington Supreme Court. In 2005, she pursued a solo practice, collaborating with appellate and trial attorneys in the areas of criminal defense, constitutional law, dependencies, and civil rights. Jennifer rejoined NKG in 2020. Jennifer has argued hundreds of cases before the Washington Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal.

Some cases in which she was lead advocate include: State v. Estes, 188 Wn.2d 450 (2017) (reversing third strike offense where the defendant received ineffective assistance of counsel due to failure to investigate); State v. Blazina, 182 Wn.2d 827 (2015) (holding trial courts must actually inquire into a defendant's ability to pay before imposing discretionary costs); State v. Quaale, 182 Wn.2d 191 (2014) (holding officer gave an improper opinion on guilt when testifying he was certain the defendant was impaired); State v. Thompson, 19 Wn. App. 2d 727 (2021) (reversing a first degree murder conviction where the trial court erroneously prohibited the defendant from raising an insanity defense); Matter of B.W.K., 5 Wn. App. 2d 1052 (2019) (reversing termination order where trial judge failed to remain a neutral arbiter); Dependency of A.M.M., 182 Wn. App. 776 (2014) (reversing termination order where State failed to provide constitutionally adequate notice).

Jennifer earned her B.A. and M.A. at the University of Washington. She had the honor of being the first person to earn a Master’s degree in African American history at the University of Washington.  She earned her J.D. at Seattle University, where she received honors in appellate advocacy and legal writing.

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